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Football Project 

Our Football Project is for teenage boys, not only to play a sport they love in a safe and supportive environment, but provide them with mentorship to improve their confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and discipline.


The Project

 Our Football Project runs in two communities of Kampala; Namuwongo and Naguru and has been going from strength to strength. The Football Project has been running for a number of years, and even early on, we recognised the vital role the sessions played in empowering boys and providing them a safe space.


We expanded the project heavily in 2022. From then we have doubled the communities we hold sessions in and we’ve seen attendance grow by 51% in 12 months to 64 players regularly attending sessions. 

The project provides a  specific space for boys to separately support each other in their peer groups. We provide boys an inclusive environment to discuss ideas, ask difficult questions, and receive emotional support, advice and practical help. The project enables young boys to see their potential, and we have won several local football competitions - there’s a lot of untapped talent in our communities!

The project allows boys to feel empowered, and also introduces them to the other projects we run. Our projects run holistically and our trained staff and counselors have the skills to identify any boys who can be benefited from our range of projects. 

The context


Hope for Children estimates that in Namuwongo alone there are over 9,000 children living in the slum. With this comes several challenges, especially for countless young boys transitioning into adulthood when living in the slums.


From our decade of working in slum communities we’ve learnt providing young boys the opportunity to talk about these challenges and receive mentorship increases their confidence and education to make better choices.


Without this education there is an increased likelihood that young boys will be a victim of crime or fall into a crime themselves. Young boys could also start abusing substances, increasing the chances of them dropping out of school. Providing them an environment to be around young boys their age increases their knowledge of growing up and prepares them for the changes they will experience throughout their adolescent years.

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Our Impact

Sam Wambayo, our Uganda Director, tells you first hand the impact this project has: 

Ben's Story

Listen to Ben's story on how playing for Kids Club Kampala's Football Team helps him to dream.










How you can help

We would love to continue growing these projects to support more boys in the communities we work with, giving them a safe space to play football, connect with other teenagers and have fun in a supportive environment. You can help us reach more boys with football sessions by donating to our projects.

Make a donation to support our vital projects today.


The Kids Club Kampala Way


Why we’re different

Our Protecting Programme is part of the wa​y we are uniquely supporting children in Kampala slums survive and thrive.

At Kids Club Kampala, we believe that every child is unique, special and deserves to have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our work is based on a holistic approach, where we focus on meeting the immediate needs of children and families in the slums while empowering them to bring about long-term, sustainable changes in their lives. Our approach encompasses four core project areas: feeding, protecting, educating, and skilling.

These four areas are not siloed; they work together holistically to create a supportive environment for vulnerable children and their families. We firmly believe in a holistic approach, ensuring that children and families have their basic needs met (food, safety) so they can fully engage with and benefit from education and skills development. This approach helps them move from merely surviving to truly thriving, as stated in our theory of change.

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