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Our Programmes

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Our programmes are a lifeline to vulnerable children and we are currently supporting over 300,000 individuals across 12 communities in Uganda.

Children and families living in Kampala's slums have complex needs.

We provide for both their immediate needs and strengthen their futures through feeding, protecting, educating and skilling.

Our Programme Areas

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How we help families move from surviving to thriving...


In Uganda, at least 9 million people are food insecure and 5.8 million are malnourished. 


Hunger is a big problem in the slums. Many families survive on just one meal a day, and children often go hungry because of poverty.



School in Uganda is not free. 3 out of 4 children will not finish primary school.  


For families living in extreme poverty, it can be incredibly difficult to afford school fees...



More than 8 million children in Uganda are considered to be vulnerable to harm. 

Our projects focus on keeping children and young people safe and protecting their childhoods...




85% of people employed in the informal sector in Uganda live below the poverty line.


In the slums, opportunities for work are usually in the informal sector...

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