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Sponsor a child 

Change a child’s life with the gift of education

Education is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty. But in Uganda, school is not free. 


As a Child Sponsor, you can make a huge difference to the life of a vulnerable child by giving them the gift of education, giving them hope for a bright future. 


Sponsoring a child costs £28 a month. Your monthly gift will cover the cost of school fees as well as necessities like shoes, uniform, school books, pencils, medical care, school meals and anything else they need. We allocate children to sponsors depending on the needs and family situation of the child, starting with the neediest child first. 

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What's included

Functionality You Will Love

We want to share just how your monthly gift of £28 will be spent, so you know every penny is helping your sponsored child have a brighter future… 

School Fees

1 in 3 children are forced to drop out of education because they can't afford school fees. Families living in poverty have an impossible decision to make between sending their children to school, putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads. Your monthly gift will pay for the school fees for the child you’re supporting, keeping them in the classroom, where they should be! With an education, children are more likely to find a job in the future and help to support their families. 

Healthcare & Counselling

Children growing up in Kampala’s slums can face trauma and may need emotional and practical support. Your monthly gift will provide access to counselling. They will be regularly visited by a member of our team in Uganda who can check in and provide any support they may need. You monthly gift will also help to cover any healthcare needs, so your sponsored child can get back to the classroom as soon as possible after an illness. 

Uniform & Equipment

In Uganda, it’s up to the child’s family to provide the books, pens, pencils, and uniform. Children are even expected to bring their own toilet roll! This becomes yet another barrier to children accessing education and again means that those who are living in poverty are forced to miss out on an education. Pens, books, uniforms and bags are all covered thanks to your monthly gift.

School Meals

Children can’t learn on an empty stomach! Your monthly gift will make sure that for every day they’re at school, they are given a healthy, nutritious meal. This daily meal will help your sponsored child grow up strong, healthy and ready for the bright future ahead of them. 

Family Support

In Kampala’s slum communities, income is very unstable. The majority of people work hand to mouth in informal labour. Through your sponsorship, the whole family will benefit. Families are encouraged to keep children in school away from child labour and underage marriage, household pressures are reduced and parents will be able to seek income opportunities whilst their children are safe at school. They may even join one of our Skilling projects and start earning an independent income to better support their families future.  

Sponsor a child's education today

If you choose to make a Child Sponsorship donation  over £28 per month (£336 per year), the remainder of your donation will go towards funding our wider work. 

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What you'll receive

Functionality You Will Love

We recognise the incredible impact that Child sponsors make on the lives of their sponsored child, so we do all we can to keep you informed and connected, as you can see below:

In the first three weeks

  • When you sign up, you'll get a welcome email from us

  • We'll identify a child in need of sponsorship from our waiting list

  • After we receive your first monthly donation, we'll send you a welcome pack. This pack includes a photo of your sponsored child and some information about them, as well as a postcard, and communication guidelines.

  • If you wish, you can write a letter to your sponsored child or send them a gift based on the guidelines we provide in the welcome pack.


At the beginning of each year, we'll send you an update about your sponsored child. This update will include information about their education progress, health, well-being, and their family and home situation.


You will have the opportunity to fund the sourcing of a care package for your child and their family at Christmas time if you would like to



Around the middle of the year, you'll receive a letter from your sponsored child, and you can write back if you want to.

Important Moments

You'll also receive photos of your sponsored child at important moments, like when you first started sponsoring them, when they move on to secondary school, and when they graduate.

You will receive a copy of our Annual Report, with details about how we've been able to support vulnerable children and their families. 


When your sponsored child graduates, we'll also provide you with a detailed report about their journey through school and how your sponsorship has made a difference in their life.

Impact stories from a few of our sponsored children

School Sponsorship -
Charlie's Story

After battling malaria when he was a child, Charlie became deaf. His family were unable to afford the expensive fees for a specialist school. Charlie joined our School Sponsorship programme and was able to get an education. Now, Charlie works as a carpenter and is able to help support his family.
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Why sponsor a child?

Functionality You Will Love

Why should you sponsor a child with Kids Club Kampala?

  • We’re local. We work on the ground with our communities to identify the children most in need and prioritise them for school sponsorship

  • We’re agile. During COVID, we shifted all of our students to home based learning, responding quickly to the needs of our communities, as well as supporting them with over 45 million food parcels 

  • We’re small. When you sponsor a child with us, you know that you’re their only sponsor and the funds you donate go directly to support that child. This means you get direct letters and updates about your child from either Andy or Luke in our UK team, and if you have any questions, our response will be direct with the Ugandan team

  • We work in the long term. Our team in Uganda work on long term solutions to enable young people to thrive for the rest of our lives, not just during school, with skilling projects available in tailoring and carpentry

What our current sponsors had to say

Julie and sponsored child .jpg


Julie says, "I knew right away I wanted to get involved." She loves how Kids Club Kampala cares for supporters and feels like family. Julie adds, "Being part of this great charity gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling," and she's "confident the school sponsorship program is making a huge contribution to improving the lives of children who clearly need help to achieve their potential." 


Elizabeth & Ron

Ron and Elizabeth who have visited our projects in Uganda say: "After experiencing Kids Club Kampala firsthand, we felt compelled to make a difference. We believe in education as a way out of poverty." They've watched their sponsor child Jack flourish through letters and updates. "He is very definitely part of our family!" 

How to join us and sponsor a child

Click on the sponsor a child button below to sponsor a child and join the Kids Club Kampala family.


I will be here every step of the way on your sponsorship journey.


If you have any questions before you get started email me at  or call +44(0)7971 601 154.

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