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Schools and universities  

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Students supporting students is a powerful message, and fundraising is a great way to develop professional skills and make a difference. 

Invite a Kids Club Kampala to speak at 
your school or university 

Invite a Kids Club Kampala to speak at  your school or university 

Speaker events can be done virtually or in person. Get in touch to book a speaker. 

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Fundraise with your school

Putting on a fundraising event with your classroom or school is a great way to build awareness of our mission, raise money and get children involved with making a difference. Fill in the form below to receive a School Fundraising Guide. 


Partner with

Kids Club Kampala 


You can make Kids Club Kampala your school of universities Charity of the Year and donate a year's worth of fundraising to helping kids in Kampala. Contact a member of our team – we can provide support and give a talk to your society or school. 


If you’re donating from a university society, please pay through your Student’s Union bank account. This is required to make sure the donation complies with charity law.

Our team will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction. Contact us using the details below

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Shustoke School raised £1275 through their cross country sponsored event.


"We are so pleased to be able to support families in Kampala with food parcels."

Shustoke Primary School

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