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It’s Back to School, But Not for Everyone

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

COVID 19 causes two year school shut down in Uganda

Remember the time when thousands of children across the UK were finally able to return back to school, pack their bags, buy new uniforms, and experience the joy of education? That was not the case for students in Uganda, with more than 600 days of school closures and soaring costs of living prices drastically hindered access to education.

What are the long-term impacts of lockdown on education in Uganda?

Uganda experienced the longest school shut down worldwide, with estimates of more than a 2-year deficit in learning potential.

The pandemic continues to have significant long-term impacts on Education in Uganda. Figures from the London School of Economics published in 2022 suggests that 30% of children would never return to school again and nearly 3,000 primary schools remained permanently closed.

Not only were schools not opening, but the ones that did open increased their fees dramatically. Due to increasing food and energy costs, in some cases school fees have risen by up to 20% since the pandemic, making education unaffordable for many parents and causing further financial strain.

This created no choice but for parents or caregivers to educate their children as best as they can. Yet, due to the long history of limited access to quality education, many adults in Kampala’s slum communities are left without appropriate formal education themselves in order to teach their children from home.

What does this mean for the future of students in Uganda?

The harsh changes and limitations brought about by the pandemic have led to limited and/or disrupted access to education for many children in Uganda distributing future employment and financial security.

Furthermore, as a result of more children being out of school, this increases the risk of safeguarding issues, rising child labour and the potential for teenage pregnancies.

Keeping educational opportunities alive in Kampala’s slum communities:

Through our Encouraging Education programme, Kids Club supports out of school children by giving them free, daily education, ensuring they don’t miss out on any more learning post-pandemic.

*Carol explains how Kids Club helped her daughter.

I would like to thank Kids Club Kampala for educating my child. I brought my kid here when she didn’t know anything but now there has been a great change. She can count numbers very well, she even knows how to spell words. I thank the Kids Club Kampala teachers for the much energy and patience they put in to educate these kids. If it wasn’t for Kids Club Kampala my child wouldn’t have gone to school.”

Our educating programmes help more than just the children, they impact the family as a whole. *Abigail highlights how she has benefited from her daughter joining the programme.

“I am very happy because of Kids Club Kampala. I have never been a part of something like this before where someone who doesn’t know cares for you this much.”

Education is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty. But in Uganda, school is not free.

As a Child Sponsor, you can make a huge difference to the life of a vulnerable child by giving them the gift of education, giving them hope for a bright future.

Find out more about becoming a child sponsor below.


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