The aim of Kids Club Kampala is to bring hope and love to vulnerable children and to transform poor communities in Uganda. Founded in 2009, Kids Club Kampala was set up to overcome the lack of hope and self-esteem of children living in situations of extreme poverty and, works to bring about sustainable changes through various development projects. Kids Club Kampala brings hope by providing Access to Education, Keeping Children Safe, Meeting Basic Needs and Transforming Communities.

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Kids Club Kampala works with some of the most vulnerable and poor communities in the urban slums in and surrounding Kampala, Uganda, currently reaching up to 3000 children and their families. The children that we are working with come from extremely poor households and the conditions in Kampala’s slums are shocking. People face problems of overcrowding, poor sanitation, insufficient shelter and food insecurity on a daily basis. Many families survive on just one meal per day and cannot afford to send their children to school. In addition to this, many children have been orphaned, neglected or simply abandoned as a result of poverty or sickness. We are passionate about empowering these children and communities, letting them know they are loved, worth something and, helping them to overcome their situations of poverty.

Kids Club Kampala is a UK Registered Charity number 1152451, and a Ugandan Registered NGO number S5914/8496. We are also a Registered Charity in the Republic of Ireland, RCN number 20103835. Read more about our specific projects here and about our impact here.