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15 Years in Kampala

2024 marks our 15 year anniversary, a significant milestone for us and the children and families we work with in Kampala. Over the past 15 years, with support from our community, we have grown from 3 founders and a passion for change, to supporting over 300,000 individuals across 10 communities.


In the next 15 years we want to reach 5 million children and 2 million homes with our work. Vision 30 coming soon …

15 years of Impact

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What YOU can do this year ...

We can’t do this alone - we need donors, partners and agencies to become agents of change and help us leave no child behind


There are so many ways you can get involved this year, from doing a coffee morning at your Church, to setting up a regular gift, to sponsoring an out-of-school child with an education. Every bit of support goes a long way in Uganda and takes us one step closer to moving children and families from surviving to thriving.


Rory was not attending school when he was enrolled onto the School Sponsorship Programme. His parents were and are very hardworking individuals, but like many in Uganda they worked on a casual basis and were therefore not called into work very often, and so they were unable to pay for Rory’s school fees. As well as being academically gifted, Rory also has an outstanding talent for football. He was representing his school at an inter school competition when was scouted by a football academy. Rory was offered the chance to play for the academy, who let him attend the school they run free of charge. Had Rory not been attending school, he never would have been scouted to play for the academy. 

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