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Keeping Children Safe
in Uganda’s slums

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Big Give Christmas
Challenge 2023

These last few years have been particularly challenging in the slums. COVID-19, inflation and the cost of living has seen a big rise in cases of child abandonment, abuse and neglect in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Our skilled team on the ground provide a range of targeted activities for the communities we work in, to protect children’s immediate futures, but also providing fun and safe places to play and talk. 

Our community-based abuse prevention and emergency response programmes work to safeguard children in imminent danger, by equipping community volunteers to recognise and prevent abuse and access further support. 

Our range of children’s programmes include supporting teenage girls, our Saturday Kids Clubs, football groups and more, which work together to provide a safe and fun environment for children, supporting kids to be kids and play football, receive counselling sessions, and receive a hot, nutritious meal.


These programmes are an essential part of our holistic approach, which often identifies kids that may need more support, could receive a free education through our programmes, or help parents with additional vocational training. 

Donations must be made directly

through the Big Give between 28th November - 5th December

webpage to be doubled 

DOUBLE your donation and make DOUBLE the difference


Your donation doubled could provide two Emergency Care Package children
admitted to our Ewafe Home  




Your donation doubled could enable two more children to attend our Saturday Kids Club activities every day for an entire year



Your donation doubled could provide 40 vital counselling session for a vulnerable teens

Donations must be made directly through the Big Give between 28th November - 5th December webpage to be doubled 

Hear from Mary our 

Keeping Children Safe - Project Coordinator,

who started as a sponsored child 

Meet Mary

Keeping Children Safe in Uganda’s slums

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world,  with 42% of the population living below the poverty line. Over half of the total population of Uganda are food insecure, and over 30% of adults have never accessed education. 

Poverty and financial pressure puts children at very high risk of violence, physical or sexual abuse, child labour, prostitution or early marriage, or total abandonment.


We work with specially trained volunteers and counsellors on safeguarding projects with teens, working with the community to identify vulnerable, at-risk children.


Working in Uganda’s slum communities for over a decade, we’ve seen a significant increase in cases of child abuse and neglect since the pandemic, community leaders and many parents have since specifically requested further safeguarding support - so our work to keep children safe is vital.

Can you help us safeguard at-risk children?
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Let's hear from our community ...

“I get to play games with my friends and have a good meal. One day, I talked to one of the safeguarding officers and asked them to help me with my home situation. The safeguarding officers still visit us with clothes and food to help my family. Today, I am so happy."

Owen*, 12 years old was rescued from child labour

“I had lost hope that I would ever see my daughter again.. thank you Kids Club Kampala, may God bless you abundantly.”

Jessica*, was recently reunited with her child who had gone missing

"I was so stressed every time I got my period, I was so ashamed and used to not go to school. Now I use reusable sanitary towels given to me every month and I am no longer worried about it, I no longer miss school, thank you Kids Club Kampala.’’

Ann*, teenage girl who attends our Girls Support Groups

Donations must be made directly

through the Big Give between 28th November - 5th December

webpage to be doubled 

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With your support,

together we can:


  • Provide over 1000 vulnerable children and young people with a safe space to relax, play and learn through our Saturday Kids Clubs, football training and girls support groups.

  • Recruit and train an additional 35 community safeguarding volunteers across 10 of Kampala's biggest slum communities.

  • Maintain an effective safeguarding reporting pathway across 10 vulnerable communities in Uganda.

  • Continue to respond swiftly, effectively and appropriately to child protection cases reported to us.

Learn more about what we do below.

Thank you for your support. 

Your Big Give Fundraising Guide

Would you be interested in fundraising for Kids Club Kampala and doubling the amount you raise during the Big Give? Download your own Big Give fundraising guide here.

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