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85% of people employed in the informal sector in Uganda live below the poverty line.


In the slums, opportunities for work are usually in the informal sector. Our Skilling projects offer free vocational training and business skills to parents, to help them generate income for their families. These include sewing and tailoring projects, craft making, livestock investments and carpentry skills training.

Why vocational skills matter

Due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen access to unskilled employment dramatically reduce and more families falling into chronic poverty as unemployment levels rise throughout Uganda. 

Lots of our projects help families to survive, by meeting their basic needs – providing food, shelter, safety etc. Long term we want to move beyond providing for basic needs and help families to truly thrive, empowering them to get out of poverty for the long term, to be able to stand on their own two feet and provide for their own family’s needs without needing to rely on us. By providing people with vocational skills, business knowledge and start-up capital to start their own businesses, we are enabling families to gain a sustainable source of income and to escape poverty. By empowering individuals with the means to support their own families we are helping people move from just surviving to thriving, aiming to transform Kampala’s slum communities for the better.  

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Women’s Initiatives 

Globally, you are three times more likely to live in poverty if you are a woman. 3 out of every 5 unemployed individuals in Uganda are women, with the majority of unemployed women living in urban slums.  Empowering women and achieving gender equality is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty...


Vocational Training

We run vocational training courses in tailoring, knitting, craft making, hairdressing and agriculture, alongside providing business skills training. We help women, predominantly single mothers. to gain new vocational skills and start their own businesses and income generation projects...


 Carpentry Project

In Kampala’s slums, there is a high rate of unemployment among men, who often turn to crime or drug and alcohol abuse as a result. Our Carpentry Training Project provides young men with the chance to learn a skill for life...



How you can help

To donate to support our vital projects, please click here. To purchase some of the craft items handmade by the women through some of our Women’s Initiatives, please visit our shop.


Profits from sales of these items go directly back to the women and help to provide them with a sustainable source of income for their families. 

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