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BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Building Brighter Futures for Families

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Sheila Atim presents 'Brighter Futures for Families'

We are delighted to share that British-Ugandan actress Sheila Atim has recorded a special appeal for us with BBC Radio 4.

Sheila who was born in Uganda and grew up in the UK is passionate about community led development.


As she explained further at the BBC Studios; "My favourite thing about the charity is that they are working on long term solutions to end poverty in Uganda. I also love that the day to day operations on the ground are run by local people. I am very grateful to be supporting this charity and I encourage others to do the same."

Donate to our Appeal

Please donate by using the donate box to the right. 

You can also donate directly on the webpage here or by using the button above.

Brighter Futures for Families

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world,  with 42% of the population living below the poverty line. Over half of the total population of Uganda are food insecure, and over 30% of adults have never accessed education. 

Live in Uganda’s slums isn’t easy; there are very high rates of unemployment, predominantly among young people and women. Household incomes are unstable, and many families survive on just one meal a day.

Our skilling projects are just one of the ways that we're helping communities move from surviving to thriving. 

By supporting with vocational skills, business knowledge and start-up capital to start their own businesses, families gain a sustainable source of income. By empowering individuals with the means to support their own families we are breaking the cycle of poverty.

Can you help us lift more families out of poverty? 
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How your donation could make a difference


could cover a food parcel for a family of 5 for a month. These food parcels contain staple foods like Matooke, beans, sugar and soap.


could pay for a woman like Annie to take part in our Knitting and Tailoring course, lifting herself out of poverty.


could support a woman with her own sewing machine, enabling her to make clothes from home and sell them.

Let's hear from the community ...

“I am very proud of the skill I have acquired, as it is going to change my life forever... I believe it is going to help me meet the needs of my family.”


- Rita*, one of the graduates from our tailoring and knitting course.

"We had run out of food for a few days now, I had nothing to feed my five children, the food you have given us is more than just a blessing for us...” 

- A mother of 5

* Names changed

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What your support means


With your support we can continue to help more families living in poverty in Kampala, and help them become more self-sufficient.

Our projects help families to survive, by meeting their basic needs – providing food, shelter and safety.


We want to move beyond providing for basic needs and help families to truly thrive, empowering them to lift themselves out poverty through vocational training and skills development and accessible education.

Learn more about what we do below. Thank you for your support. 

Read the latest news about this appeal

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