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Annual Impact Review 2023

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

As we approach the end of another year of working towards our mission we’re thrilled to share the achievements, progress, and profound impact we have had throughout 2023. From the children, families, volunteers, staff and leadership team at Kids Club Kampala we’d like to thank those who have supported us so generously. The invaluable contributions have been the driving force behind our achievements, and we genuinely value the support in allowing us to extend and strengthen all four of our programme areas: Feeding, Protecting, Educating, and Skilling.

Kids Club Kampala commitment to transformation 2023

It's no secret that at Kids Club Kampala we’re committed to ensuring that our projects create empowering and sustainable transformations. That’s why we commissioned Vashi Impact Group (VIG) to undertake a comprehensive independent evaluation of our project's outcomes, and in 2023 we had the opportunity to start planning the implementation of these recommendations. The evaluation was designed to measure our impact against three specific OECD DAC Network on Development Evaluation criteria: impact, coherence, and sustainability and provided valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of our programs and initiatives. You'll here us mention these findings throughout this recap.


Throughout 2023 our Feeding programme continued to provide essential nutrition to children and families. We’ve supplied free, nutritious, hot meals to children and food parcels to the most vulnerable families in our communities. We continue to scale back our food banks, and focus on highlighting and addressing the root core cause of food insecurity in our communities. VIG’s evaluation emphasised the cohesive nature of our feeding programme, working effectively as an incentive for children to attend school and teens to attend our support groups. In 2023 we will have provided 96 children a daily, hot and nutritious meal after class, given the children a snack three times a week throughout the year, and given out 204 food parcels to families which 973 individuals have benefited from. We are proud to say this means we have provided 20,400 meals to those most vulnerable. Not only do these meals help improve the health of the families but also reduce financial pressures within the community.

One of the families that benefited from Kids Club Kampala food parcels this year is a disabled mother who is unable to move outside without help from her two daughters, aged twelve and seven. Currently the two girls sell vegetables, known as ‘Nakaati’ to residents due to the name of the vegetable they sell daily to take care of their mother and themselves. Both of the girls have never been to school. The family were overjoyed by the help from Kids Club Kampala:

“On numerous occasions we go without a proper meal, we can hardly sustain ourselves in this home with the income we get from the vegetables. This package is a miracle for us.”


Our Protecting programme continues to create safe spaces for children in nine slum communities through activities such as Saturday Kids Club, Football Project, and the Girls support Groups. Donations allow these projects to reach more children each year and the opportunity for safeguarding officers to identify any children or vulnerable families that require additional support

from Kids Club Kampala. In 2023, we’ve addressed more than 35 safeguarding concerns and on-boarded 40 new safeguarding officers. We’ve had 805 children consistently participating in our Saturday Kids Clubs, 64 teenage boys actively playing in our football teams, and 589 teenage girls have benefited from receiving free, essential period products. That’s over 6,000 period products given to teenage girls across the year! Read Ann's* story, who attended one of our Girls Support Groups this year:

“I was using rags and newspapers during my menstruation periods when I joined Mbuya support group, but now use reusable sanitary towels given to me every month and am no longer worried about my menstruation periods, thank you Kids Club Kampala.”

Ewafe Project

Throughout 2023 the Ewafe Transitional Home has continued to provide abandoned and vulnerable children a safe space to live, whilst the team work hard to reintegrate them with loving families. This year we’ve rescued 20 children from harm and have had up to 90 children staying at the Ewafe home. The independent evaluation report showed the need for the Ewafe Home to be expanded in size and staff resource due to the increased demand compared to the capacity available. While resources are stretched, the staff have continued to provide quality service for the children, covering; counselling, life-skills, crafts and the chance for children to be children. Our Ewafe Home also concentrates on reintegrating children with their families. This year we’ve reintegrated 19 children with loving families, and conducted 33 family supervisions visits and follow ups. In Q2 we assessed 6 more families to become foster carers, and across 2023 we have placed 6 children into foster care, providing these children with vital family-based care.

Taaliah* was just 11 years old when she was convinced by her friend to go to Kampala; however, when she arrived in the city she was soon abandoned by her friend. Stranded on the streets of Kampala, she was later admitted to our Ewafe home. Taaliah stayed at Ewafe for one year undergoing rehabilitation while her parents were traced. With the help of community leaders and the child and family protection unit, the tracing was successful. Her family were very emotional and happy to see Taaliah. At first, her mother couldn’t believe it: “I had lost hope because I knew that I would never see my daughter again. I travelled to different areas like Yumbe, Congo, Arua, Koboko searching for my child and I also went to some shrines to see if I could get help locating my daughter. Many people accused me of not taking care of my child but I knew that I serve a living God who would bring back my child safe and sound. Honestly, I am grateful to the lord that my daughter has finally come back home. May God bless you abundantly for bringing my child back to me.”


We’ve had another year to be proud of running our Educating programme. 116 children have been enrolled on our Early Childhood Development (ECD) project, receiving free early years education, and ensuring they receive a hot meal and nutritious snack. The children have made great progress not only with their academic results but also social skills and physical development. Thanks to our child sponsors we have had 13 new children enrolled onto the School Sponsorship programme, meaning 168 children have the opportunity to attend school with all of the resources they need. We’re also happy to say 12 sponsored children have successfully graduated from the programme this past year.

Sarah* was just 13 years old when she was first enrolled onto the School Sponsorship programme back in 2013. She went on to complete primary and secondary school, before attending Technical College to pursue a Certificate in Early Childhood Development Teacher Education. A decade after Sarah joined the programme she has now successfully graduated from her course and is now looking forward to inspiring the next generation.


In 2023 our Skilling programme saw some positive changes. After six years and successfully supporting over 400 people our skilling centre in Kanyanya closed in September, moving to our incredible new Hope Centre in Naguru. The new Hope Centre has an increased capacity, allowing us to teach vocational skills to double the amount of students per day.

We had a total of 117 new students enrol in the tailoring and knitting course for the current intakes. From the courses completed in 2023, 64 students graduated. We also had successes in our Carpentry course. After 12 months of hard work 20 students sat and passed their Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) assessments. This has given the graduates a fantastic opportunity to start their own business with their new skills, allowing them to generate income for themselves and their families. Mitchell* had this to say about his time on the carpentry project:

“I always wanted to do a carpentry course, but my grandmother could not afford it because the mainstream carpentry schools were too expensive, and the family would barely manage basic needs. I was referred to this course (Kids Club Kampala) by a councillor from my village who was advertising the free opportunities for those who have an interest in carpentry and joinery. I was lucky that I was recruited. During the year, I have learnt several things. I can make different furniture items and I have been supported with a startup tool kit that I can use to work from home as I save for a bigger workshop that will train and employ others. Thank you KCK for the great opportunity.”

It’s great to take this time to reflect on the incredible impact our team in Uganda has had over the last year. None of this would have been possible without your generous support. Without your generosity we wouldn't be in the position to strengthen and diversify our projects each year to meet the needs of our communities.

Final words from our interim CEO

It is a privilege to be able to join the team again as Interim CEO whilst Olivia is on maternity leave. I have been astounded at the great strides the charity has taken over the last 18 months, but particularly during this last year. With various challenges amongst our communities, and indeed across the world, it is remarkable that we have such a hard working and committed team who are fighting for children’s rights every day in our communities. Our Independent Evaluation really highlights the impact of our work, and I hope this brief blog summarises the astounding impact our team in Uganda has achieved this year is a positive and inspiring read.

As we look forward to 2024 and our 15th year as an organisation, we hope you will stand with us as we strive to build on the findings of our Independent Evaluation, reaching more communities than ever and enabling more children to break the cycle of poverty and transform their lives.

Thank you for being such a committed supporter of our work. As we learn and grow as an organisation, it’s thanks to your remarkable contributions that we’re able to continue to fight for the rights of every child, and enable them to reach their full potential.

Thank you,

Joanna Black

Interim CEO

Kids Club Kampala

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