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BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Our BBC Radio 4 appeal goes live on Sunday 17th September, and we cannot wait ...

How you can get involved

  • Donate via ...

  • Share the appeal on your social media

  • Tell your friends and family

  • Tune in and listen live

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What's it all about?

This ​September, we will be telling you all about a woman called Annie*, who transformed both hers and her family's life after learning a new vocational skill.


If your questions hasn't been answered below, please email our Fundraising Officer Lauren at

How long is the appeal live for?

What is the money raised being used for?


How much does it cost to support a woman to learn a new skill?


I want to start a team with my colleagues, how do I do this? 

How do I upload my miles?

You can upload your miles via your teams page on World Walking. World Walking is super simple to use, but if you are having trouble getting started head to our 'World Walking How To Guide' or email 

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