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Feeding Futures Appeal

In the last 2 years, food prices in Uganda have risen 400%. A meal that cost 20p in 2020 now costs £1. 

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Two years ago, we launched an emergency appeal to provide food parcels to families that needed them during Uganda’s first lockdown. With your help, we have given 2.7 million food parcels to families whose income vanished overnight.

What your support means


We believe every child should have healthy, nutritious food and every parent should know where their next meal is coming from. With your help, we can continue our support in in two ways:


1. Feeding children through our Encouraging Education Programme. In Uganda, school is not free. We run a free daily education project for the poorest kids in our communities, and provide a free hot meal to ease the burden on their parents


​2. Providing food packages to vulnerable families. Our staff work with community leaders to find the most vulnerable families during this crisis. They receive free food parcels every week, so they can focus on finding employment and caring for their kids.

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Now, Kampala is facing a new crisis. 


Food prices are at their highest levels in over a decade. Food imports are being disrupted due to COVID-19 border restrictions, and due to the current global tensions, wheat, grain and oil will face devastating shortages in Uganda. Our Feeding Futures appeal is combatting this crisis to build a brighter future for families in Kampala.

But we need your help.


We understand that costs are rising for everyone, all over the world. But for families living below the poverty line in Uganda, feeding their children is next to impossible. We urgently need your help so we can continue to prevent malnourishment in children and keep families from starving. 


  • We’re facing a funding shortfall of £32,000 

  • We have 2,310 people who we currently support on our Feeding Programme

  • With costs rising exponentially, we need to raise £32,000 

Just £7 can help feed children.


will cover the cost of feeding a child on our Encouraging Education Programme for one week.


will cover a food parcel for a family who need it. We currently have 362 families that we’re aware of, and we expect this to rise.


will cover a month’s worth of food for a whole family.

We understand that times are tough. If you’re unable to donate, we would be so grateful if you could help us in another way.


 Read our Easter fundraising blog for ideas on how to fundraise with us. We can support you with everything you need.



Invite a Kids Club Kampala speaker to your church or community group.



We ask you to pray for our communities in Kampala. 


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