We believe that in order to help vulnerable children, it is vital to empower mothers too. Our Women’s Initiatives bring together women from a community to work as a group. By working together, they help each other overcome their situations of poverty through gaining new skills and a sustainable source of income.

We help women to gain new vocational skills and run income generation projects, with the aim of contributing to lasting changes in the lives of these women, their children and entire communities. We teach women how to make various craft and textile items which are available to buy from our shop. Profits from sales of these items go directly back to the women and help to provide them with a sustainable source of income for their families. These projects not only give women much needed income and skills, but they also help to empower them and build their sense of community. They find strength as a group of women who all support each other.

Kids Club Kampala also runs Adult Literacy classes for the women’s groups along with various seminars and training days on different issues throughout the year. Several of these women’s groups run agricultural community development projects in their own communities, and are part of our microfinance schemes. We give supplies to the women who attend our seminars and training days, to support their basic needs and provide services that the women request, including free HIV testing.