Saturday Kids Clubs

Kampala’s slums are notorious for drug and alcohol abuse and violent crime, poor sanitation and abject poverty. Children are often left unsupervised during the day whilst their parents try to make a living, and without a daily purpose or safe space to go these children become even more at risk.

Our Saturday Kids Clubs provide children with a safe space and the chance to play and enjoy being children, away from the challenges and struggles of their everyday lives. Here children can come and have fun, talk about their struggles or worries and receive love and attention. Having the opportunity just to play and have fun is so important. Play is incredibly therapeutic for young children who have experienced trauma, abuse or other challenges in their lives.

Each Kids Club is run by a team of local volunteers who have a desire to see the lives of children in their community change for the better. These volunteers give up their time each week to organise games and sports, sing songs, lead Bible teaching, dramas and stories, facilitate counselling sessions and serve the children a meal. This weekly club is so important to the children who attend. For many this is their only opportunity to attend an organised activity with other children their age since many do not have the opportunity to go to school. For others it may be the only chance they have to express themselves and feel secure and listened to by Kids Club Kampala’s volunteers.

Through running these clubs our volunteers are also able to identify children who are at risk or in need of emergency help. Whether this is because of abandonment, lack of education or food insecurity, our volunteers can raise these issues to the staff of Kids Club Kampala and the child at risk and their family can be supported through the other projects that Kids Club Kampala runs.

That’s why our Saturday Kids Clubs are so important. And that is why our Saturday Kids Clubs are still at the heart of what we do. Every Saturday throughout the year, up to 4000 children gather together in 20 different slum communities across Uganda to take play, be cared for and to just enjoy being children.

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Feeding Project

At least 9 million Ugandans are food insecure and 5.8 million people living in Uganda are malnourished. In the slums where we work, hunger is a big problem. Many families often survive on just one meal per day and children often go hungry because of poverty. With high unemployment and often nowhere to grow food in an urban slum, individuals must look for additional sources of informal income to afford food. In the daily struggle to find food to eat, several children have been forced into child labour or even prostitution. As a result, many children have often encountered abuse, neglect or may have been abandoned.

Through working in Kampala’s slum communities for 10 years, we identified a significant number of children who were undernourished, underdeveloped and regularly unwell. We found that many children were unable to join in with our lessons, games and other activities due to fatigue from a lack of food. Our Feeding Programme is solving both the immediate need and providing a long term solution to child malnutrition in Uganda’s slums through providing daily nutritious meals to vulnerable children and helping families to increase their incomes to enable them to provide food for themselves.

Our Feeding Programme is a lifeline to hundreds of children in Kampala’s slums who would otherwise go without. We provide hot, nutritious, balanced meals every day to children who need it, making a huge difference to children’s health, welfare and happiness. Proper nutrition means that children’s general health improves, their ability to fight off disease and illness rises and concentration, behavioural skills and progress in learning increases. We currently feed over 500 children a day, and over the last 10 years we have provided 1.5 million meals for hungry children.

Yet our Feeding Project is about so much more than just food. It’s a safe space where children can come to, it provides community, and it is place where children who need to can be referred to our Ewafe or School Sponsorship projects. Children learn how to wash their hands, they learn to share, they gain confidence, they make friends.

It costs just 20p to provide a hot, nutritious meal for a vulnerable and undernourished child at our daily feeding project. But to feed over 500 children a day, every day of the year that is a lot of 20ps that we need to raise! Can you help by making a donation to this vital project today? Thank you.