We are a UK charity working to bring hope and love to vulnerable children in the slums of Uganda.

The aim of Kids Club Kampala is to bring hope and love to vulnerable children and to transform poor communities in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. We aim to overcome the lack of hope and self-esteem of children living in situations of extreme poverty by empowering communities to bring about sustainable changes. Our vision is to see lives transformed, children and communities empowered and to ultimately not need to exist as poverty will have been reduced throughout Uganda’s slums.

The Need: The children that we are working with come from extremely poor households and the conditions in Kampala’s slums are shocking. People face problems of overcrowding, poor sanitation, insufficient shelter and food insecurity on a daily basis. Many children have been orphaned, neglected or simply abandoned as a result of poverty or sickness. We are passionate about empowering these children and communities, letting them know they are loved, worth something and, helping them to overcome their situations of poverty.

What we do: We both provide for children’s immediate basic needs and work to bring about long-term sustainable changes in their lives. Our focus areas are providing access to education, keeping children safe, meeting basic needs and transforming communities. We provide daily children’s activities and social support for over 4000 children and young people across 20 disadvantaged slum communities in Kampala. We are passionate about being community led and community driven, and we have a dedicated team of over 70 local volunteers who help to run our programmes in their local communities. Learn more about our projects here.

Our UK office is in Birmingham, and we have a Christian ethos meaning that it is our faith which motivates us to love all people and to serve the poor. We aim to help all vulnerable children regardless of religion or background.

Our Impact: Over the last 10 years we have provided 1.5 million hot nutritious meals to hungry children; given free education for over 1000 children; facilitated counselling sessions for over 3000 vulnerable young people; provided vital skills training to over 700 vulnerable women; and reunited almost abandoned 100 children back with loving families through our Ewafe project. We have seen literally thousands of lives transformed and are a lifeline to so many. Read more about our impact here.

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