The Ewafe Project was launched in 2013 as a response to the growing number of children that were being reported to Kids Club Kampala as being abandoned, orphaned, abused or trafficked. These reports were coming in from social welfare, police, community members, neighbours and the children themselves. The building of the Ewafe Project Transitional home began in 2013 and the first phase was completed by Christmas 2014.

The first children were rescued by the Ewafe Project in December 2014 and since then we have continued to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate children who find themselves at risk and with nowhere to go. Since 2014 the project has Rescued 54 children and Reintegrated 35 with all children being provided with counselling, support and medical care and rehabilitation.

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Each child’s case is reviewed as soon as they arrive at our transitional home and our social workers aim to have it resolved within 3 months. Sometimes it is difficult to find answers and this can caused delays. The average time between rescue and reintegration in 2016 was 14 months. By 2018 we were able to reduce this to 4.6 months. This means that children are being provided with safe and suitable placements with either immediate or extended family members.

For some children there is no safe family for them to be reintegrated with and we are working hard to develop a foster care program in order to provide these children with family based care. However, we currently do not have the funding to employ further social workers to manage the foster care programme. We already have families willing to become foster families for children but we need more funding to be able to fully vet, train, support and follow up on families and placements in order to ensure the best and safest outcome for these children. Please get in touch to find out more and how you can help.

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