We are aiming to transform entire communities through sustainable development projects. We are passionate about being community led and community driven, and aim to empower local people to be active in their own development and to make a difference in their own communities. We believe in asking people what their needs are and how they want us to help them, and giving people the space to come up with creative solutions themselves.

  • Agricultural projects

Agricultural Projects are providing a sustainable solution to hunger through providing food and a sustainable source of income for poor communities. We provide communities with the start-up capital and training to run these projects, which are fully owned and managed by the communities themselves. Current agricultural projects running include Mushroom Growing, Cow Rearing, Pig Rearing and Poultry projects.

  • Microfinance project

Our Microfinance project provides small amounts of funding and micro-loans to local people from the communities that we work in. We also regularly provide small business training for people interested in receiving loans and funding. The training provides them with skills and knowledge to help them set up small businesses, to develop and grow their sources of income and benefit their livelihoods.

  • Water and sanitation

We are working with communities to find solutions to water shortages and water-based illness through providing clean water and sanitation systems to help improve health and well-being. We are working to provide new sewerage systems and latrines, install rainwater harvesting systems, and dig wells and boreholes to bring clean, fresh water to the communities that we work in.

  • Vocational Training

We have recently opened a carpentry training workshop in one of the slum communities that we work in, giving men and teenage boys the opportunity to gain a vocational skill and make a living.