Work Experience with KCK

Volunteers are vital to our work, both in the UK and in Uganda. Ruth has been doing a Work Experience placement with Kids Club Kampala this week. Here she tells us about her experience and what she has learned through her placement:

"This week I have been doing my work experience in the Kids Club Kampala London base, with Olivia. Through the five days I have been here, I feel like have learnt lots about how the charity runs and what goes on inside of it.

I have been given many tasks this week; for example looking into how Kids Club Kampala could change their social media to gain publicity and researching charitable organisations and trust funds who give grants to smaller charities.  Through this I realised there is a lot more to a charity, like this one, than volunteering in developing countries. Social media goes a lot deeper than just posting a status; it is vital towards the cause, in terms of raising awareness for the impact they are making and therefore building support from people all over the world. There are many trusts to apply to, however it is so difficult, yet so important, to find one you are eligible to receive.

Another task I really enjoyed was setting up an Etsy shop for Kids Club Kampala, where you can now buy the crafts made. This promotes the charity and people can get something appealing and unique, for donating money, so I am very happy I have been able to make this impact. Another experience I particularly enjoyed this week was when Olivia took me to meet someone who was potentially going to fly out to Uganda. When I heard about the experiences you could have there and the help you could give to the community of Kampala, it made me feel very inspired to volunteer.

After spending just a week here, I would definitely recommend doing work experience or an internship with Kids Club Kampala; it has been a very interesting and enjoyable experience. As well as learning about the charity, it has also been a very good introduction to a work environment and I now have some experience for when I get a job in the future. I hope I have been of some help and that I can work for Kids Club Kampala again in the future!"

If you are interested in volunteering with Kids Club Kampala, please contact us. For more info about how to get involved, please click here.