Why Community Participation is important

We recently posted about the situation of the field in Katanga slum – it became unsafe and unusable after large amounts of soil were dumped on it and sewage flooded it.

We are very happy to announce that thanks to the very generous donations from several people, we have managed to raise enough money to fix the field in Katanga! We are so excited and cannot say thank you enough to everyone who donated towards this.

Yesterday we had a very exciting meeting with the local council, police, women's groups and community in Katanga slum to discuss fixing the children's playing field and broken sewerage lines, and we are all ready to get started!

We believe that Community Participation is key. This is why the first thing we did was to have a discussion with various community members of Katanga about how to proceed. We are passionate that we respond to the communities needs and that we give everyone a chance to voice their opinions and to have a say in the work that we do. We are proud that we have a good relationship with this community, that we are trusted and respected by community members, that we are able to respond to this communities needs and to this day we are the longest running charity with a continuous presence in Katanga.

Being Community Led is at the heart of what we do and what we believe. We aim to empower local people to be active in their own development and to make a difference in their own communities. We have a fantastic team of volunteers who give up their time and energy to volunteer in their local communities every week and we could not do what we do without them.

Some of our fantastic volunteers, every month we have a volunteers meeting where we discuss the running of KCK and everyone gets a say 

We are also passionate about being Community Driven . All the ideas for our programmes and projects come from the communities themselves. We believe in asking people what their needs are and how best we can help them, and giving people the space to come up with creative solutions themselves.

When the problem with the field happened, the first thing the community did was to come to Kids Club Kampala and ask if we could help them to sort out the field so that their children could attend KCK activities.

We love this community and wanted to honour their request and are so happy that after several months of the field being unusable, we have managed to raise the funds to fix this. We are very excited about getting started and working together with all members of the community to help them to sort out the field for our children.