What an incredible month!

So today is the last day of January and wow what a fantastic month it has been for us at Kids Club Kampala.

January is notoriously usually a very difficult month for Kids Club Kampala. Apart from having the January blues, January is one of our most expensive months with projects starting up again and children going back to school to start a new school year, yet is also the month where it is hardest to raise funds due to most people tightening their belts after Christmas. We really prayed that this January wouldn't be too difficult or stressful and our prayers have been answered a hundred times over. This month we have seen so many amazing things happen and have been blessed in so many ways, it is just overwhelming. God is so good :)

At the very beginning of the month, we got 2 more children sponsored to go to school! Our cow project in Namavundu centre officially opened, and we launched our new Microfinance Initiative. We were able to give out vital school supplies of books, pens and pencils to all children at all centres, thanks to the generosity of ATC Uganda (read more about this here) and on the 19th Jan we held a big sanitation and slum regeneration day in Katanga slum, where volunteers from all centres gave up their time and energy to help clean up the slum - amazing (blog post to follow on this soon).

For me personally, the most incredible thing to happen this month has been finding out that I am one of the winners of the Vodafone World of Difference Awards (http://worldofdifference.vodafone.co.uk/) and that they are going to fund me to work full time for Kids Club Kampala for a few months! This is my absolute dream come true and I cannot wait to start my placement next month. It will be so amazing to be able to concentrate on running KCK in the UK full-time and hopefully seeing the blessings increase even further over that period. I am so excited and will of course keep you updated on how I get on!

Secondly, this month an article about Kids Club Kampala and myself and Corrie was published in the UK Metro (you can read it here). Following this article, we have been so overwhelmed with the amount of kind messages of support and offers of help from complete strangers who have got in touch, wanting to volunteer, donate, fundraise and just encourage us.

There have been many other amazing things that have happened this January, acts of kindness and wonderful blessing, too many to name here. We prayed that 2013 would be a good year for KCK, and I have once again been blown a way by God's provision. Let's hope it continues! The next few months will be hard work but I know even greater things are to come :)