We have the best volunteers!

Myself and Corrie have just returned from an amazing 3 weeks in Uganda. We were very busy every day; running volunteer training, setting up new projects, visiting sponsor children, encouraging our women's groups, playing with the children, supporting our football teams, giving out school supplies, attending music galas... we travelled to East, Southern and Central Uganda, met lots of new people, opened 2 new KCK centres and met with many friends, both old and new.

Volunteer Training and Lungujja and Wakalija KCK Centres

I am now back in the UK and needless to say I am missing Uganda and being on the ground with Kids Club Kampala very much. I have come back to the UK to work, to earn money to support KCK, and to fundraise, to network, and publicise our work.

Although I miss being in Uganda a lot, I am so happy to know that we have a fantastic team of volunteers carrying out the work day-to-day. We currently have 56 volunteers, giving up their time and energy to volunteer to love, care for and support the children in their local communities. Kids Club Kampala could not function without these great people, who dedicate so much of their time to serving these kids. We also have several people who have contacted us about volunteering or setting up a new KCK centre in their local area, and we are currently praying for the finances to be able to do so. It is such a privilege to see so many people passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and transforming their local community.

Kids Club Kampala's fantastic team of volunteers at our AGM in August 2012

I feel so blessed to be part of such a great team, and want to thank all of our volunteers so much for all that they do. We are hoping to have more volunteer trainings in the future, and would like to encourage and support our volunteers in their needs too. Many volunteers can't read or write, which makes keeping child records, organising budgets difficult, so in the future we would like to provide some Adult Education classes for our volunteers.

If you would like to support our brilliant volunteers, or become a volunteer yourself with Kids Club Kampala, then please get in touch!