Through the lens Uganda

George is a photographer and has been volunteering his services in Uganda with Kids Club Kampala for 2 weeks. Here he tells us about his experiences of Uganda and of volunteering with KCK:

"I came to Uganda with the intention of experiencing a country through the looking glass of a charity. I met Corrie in Japan, and she told me of her efforts, and the impact and passion of her organisation Kids Club Kampala. I was immediately hooked and had to see it for myself.

The support kids club offers to various groups and communities in Kampala is an anchor in a sea of poverty and despair; from women's projects which promote self sustainability, to carpentry classes that teach valuable skills to young men vulnerable to substance abuse, to caring for the basic needs of abandoned children who with no guidance, would otherwise be easily lost. It's inspiring to see Olivia and Corrie dedicate so much in order to change the lives of so many people who would otherwise only have God beside them.

I still remember being a child. The world was handed to me. I had endless opportunities and freedom: a golden ticket. The kids in Katanga (Kampala's most notorious slum), often without parents or basic life necessities, often fall into crime or drug abuse. Kids club offers them a way out with education, structure and sports activities. It's unbelievable how far a helping hand can change your future, even if it's in a dire environment."

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to share their skills with us. If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda with Kids Club Kampala, please get in touch.