The Right To Play!

Kids Club Kampala brings hope and love to vulnerable children and upholds the rights of children in Uganda. One important but often overlooked right is the ‘right to play.’ Our Saturday Kids Clubs were set up in order to allow children to exercise their right to play. The reason this is so important is because research shows that play is beneficial to children emotionally, cognitively, socially, physically and educationally.

  • Emotionally play provides fun, quality of life, relaxation, stress relief and self-expression.
  • Cognitively play helps to develop a child’s creativity, imagination, problem-solving and abstract thinking.
  • Socially play improves children’s skills in co-operation, empathy, conflict resolution, self-esteem and leadership.
  • Physically play provides a framework for children to develop motor skills and take part in regular exercise.
  • Educationally play improves children’s language skills, concentration and understanding of concepts.

Children living in extreme poverty often miss out on play and having time to just be kids. Social issues that often go hand in hand with poverty often prevent these children from gaining the benefits of play on a regular basis. Many children are given responsibilities far above their capability at their age because of poverty, whether that be work, taking care of younger brothers or sisters or doing household chores alone.

We believe that play is a vital part of every childhood and allowing children to play will ultimately improve quality of life and have an impact on reducing poverty levels in the future. In order to continue to run our Saturday Kids Clubs we rely on your support. Would you like to donate regularly to help uphold vulnerable children’s right to play?