The Power of Women

This blog post is written by Sarah, a masters student from the University of Sheffield, who is currently volunteering with Kids Club Kampala in Uganda and helping to develop our Monitoring and Evaluation strategies.

"Over the last three weeks I have had the pleasure to work with Kids Club Kampala. Focusing on the transformation of poor and vulnerable urban communities, Kids Club Kampala have established children’s centres which are widely spread across the city of Kampala. These centres are hubs of hope, providing basic needs, education and as an escape for children to be free to enjoy their young age. The women that run these centres are an inspiration and an absolute wonder for the organisation. The Katanga centre is run by three incredible characters; Teacher Juliet, Teacher Sarah and Teacher Ritah. These young women trained as social workers are truly responsible for the transformation of the lives of the children they teach, feed, provide and care for. Continuously I am told that the behaviour of the children of Katanga has dramatically changed, from uncontrollable street children vulnerable to the darker pulls of the slum environments to loving, caring and playful individuals. There is such an air of hope in the afternoons we have spent in Katanga.

“Encourage them” was the advise spoken by Teacher Juliet. As the centre’s manager, Teacher Juliet’s sheer passion and determination to provide hope and love to every child is astonishing. The community highly praise her. Guided through Katanga, ducking under washing lines and striding over waterways, the respect for Teacher Juliet is clearly evident as we walking through the community. Constantly greeted and thanked by women and men going about their daily duties, I am overwhelmed by the reputation this one lady has. It is fantastic to see the transformation of this community lie in the hands of women.

Teacher Ritah and Teacher Sarah can be often found running around the Katanga playing field cackling, beaming smiles plastered across their faces. The joy that they bring to the place is beautiful. Mothers bathing their children in primary coloured plastic basins, mothers hanging freshly pressed laundry, mothers chitchatting- you see them all look up and smile at the work of these wonderful ladies.

Today the women involved in the women’s group, across the 17 communities, gather at the offices here in Kanyanya. Women dressed brightly in assorted patterns gather to speak confidently of their success, challenges and developments. Laughter and applauding echoes throughout the complex. Such a wonderful occasion for women to develop further their own successes."

For more information about Kids Club Kampala's women's initiatives, click here. To read more from Sarah, visit her blog here. If you would like to volunteer with us in Uganda, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.