The Ewafe Project Another Year On

The Ewafe project was launched in June 2013, to address the problem of the increasing numbers of children being abandoned in Kampala’s slums.  The project aims to bring hope and love to vulnerable children, to rescue children who have been abandoned and to give them a home, a family and a place where they feel they belong. Since launching this project we have achieved so much and we wanted to give our supporters an update on the project to date.

01263 MYP KCK Nov 14 small.jpg

At the end of last year, we began building a new kitchen for the Ewafe project, this means that our cooks will have a safe place to plan and prepare food for the children we are caring for. Prior to this children were being cooked and served meals from a make-shift outdoor kitchen. The structure did not provide adequate protection from the elements which made it difficult to cook and to prepare food safely and hygienically, particularly during the rainy season. Thanks to a generous donation from the William Leech Charity we were able to construct a new purpose-built kitchen which now houses stoves, a store room and space for the children to be served their meals. This new kitchen has already revolutionised the way that the home runs and provides a safe and hygienic space for the children to receive their food.

Our Ewafe project co-ordinator was delighted with the result. She said: “We can now store and cook from one place, serve and eat our food in a hygienic environment which is a good health practice.”

New Kitchen Ewafe.png

We were able to paint the new kitchen recently thanks to a donation from the Rotary Club of London, thank you. We also want to highlight Julia Harris and thank her for all her fundraising efforts which are ongoing (click here to support her fundraising) . Finally we have also begun to construct a small staff cottage thanks to generous donations from our supporters Ron and Elizabeth Kearney, please see a photo below.


The Ewafe project home consists of 2 large bedrooms, a project office, a rehabilitation room, 4 washrooms, a bathroom, a rain water harvesting system and solar powered electricity. The compound also has a children’s playground and land where crops are grown as food for the Home.

01289 MYP KCK Nov 14 small.jpg

The support of our donors has been invaluable to us and we have been able to provide the children and the staff with a safe place to live and work, without your support we could not have done it. We are so excited about the progress of this project and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to bring us this far. We still have a vision to see the Ewafe project grow and expand in order to support more vulnerable children, to do this our next steps are to raise funds to build a dining hall and counselling room.

Thank you so much to all who have donated, fundraised and spread the word about this project, we really appreciate your support. We welcome any donation as every donation goes a long way, if you wish to donate please click here.