World Book Day:The Gift of Reading.

Last Thursday I was walking down the high street when a young girl dressed entirely in red with red face paint and red hair spray walked passed. As I continued down the street I began to notice more and more young people dressed in odd costumes.

    Children learning to read at the Encouraging Education Project.


Children learning to read at the Encouraging Education Project.

World Book Day! It finally clicked. Children were dressed as characters from their favourite books. Isn’t it fantastic how the mind of a child is challenged and stretched simply by reading and becoming immersed in different realities from their favourite narratives. My mind suddenly transported me back to the slums of Kampala, where children file into our Encouraging Education Project to sit in front of the blackboard as the teacher writes letters on the board. A, E, I, O, U and then sounds; BA, BE, BI, BO, BU.

She points at each vowel with a pointing stick and then each syllable and sounds it out for the children. One child is sounding it out incorrectly so she calls him to the front. A tall, skinny boy around 11 years old jumps up confidently and rushes to the front. She hands him the pointing stick and asks him to point at each letter and each sound and say it out loud. He manages the letters but soon fumbles over the sounds of the next line. This boy is unable to read and has never been to school.

Thanks to Kids Club Kampala, children like this are learning to read but there is a long way to go to make sure that children in the slums of Kampala can get a good education. Many children living in the slums live with a huge amount of suffering, what an amazing privilege it is for those that can read and can transport their minds to other worlds, different realities and new perspectives.

Could you help us to provide this for children in the slums of Kampala? Please donate to help our Encouraging Education Projects to continue teaching young children to read. Your donations will allow us to buy teaching materials, books, pay teachers and more. Give the gift of reading to a child in Kampala’s slums today.