Tackling Child Hunger

Studies show that at least 9 million Ugandans are food insecure and 5.8 million are malnourished. Many of the kids that Kids Club Kampala work with come from families that are often unsure as to where their next meal will come from and end up going to bed hungry every night. Poor nutrition and a lack of food leads to stunted growth and development in children, lack of concentration at school affecting their learning, tiredness and a lack of energy. Several of the children who attend KCK are often too hungry and lacking in energy to join in activities and play games with their friends.

So last year, we decided to launch a food project in order to tackle this huge problem.

Once a month, every child at each Kids Club Kampala centre receives a hot nutritious meal. For some children, this is the only hot meal they will eat all day, and goes a long way to tackling the problem of child malnutrition in Uganda.

However, this is still not enough. Our dream for the future is to be able to provide meals for all the children at every KCK centre at least once a week, ideally every day and to many more children. Tackling child hunger is vital to reducing poverty, developing communities and improving the lives of children. The only thing that is stopping us achieving this a currently a lack of finances. It costs just £5 to feed 10 children. If you would like to help, please contact info@kidsclubkampala.org.