Tackling Addiction in Kampala's slums

Working in the slums of Kampala means that we often come across people who are struggling with drug, alcohol and substance misuse. From a young age many members of the communities we work in often sadly become addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs and many other substances.

Apart from perpetuating poverty, addiction ruins lives, enslaves people and tears apart families. Kids Club Kampala aims to transform poor communities and help people to overcome their situations. We wanted to provide an opportunity and safe space for people to be able to talk about their problems with addiction, learn more about it, and to receive help and support.  

Last week, we invited members of the community of Katanga slum to come to an addiction seminar led by Linda Latham, a nurse practitioner from Dublin who specialises in addiction. Over 50 people attended the seminar and all seemed eager to find out more. The session covered types of substances and defined what addiction was. There are little to no services available for addicts in Uganda and as a result many people suffer for life with addictions.

As a result of this successful session, the seminar attendees and community members themselves suggested setting up support groups for addicted persons and their affected family members. We thought this was a great idea and will be helping to set up and facilitate these groups. We also hope to run these sessions and provide help for addicted persons in other slums in Kampala so watch this space as we continue to support people to become free from addiction in Kampala's slums.

If you would like to find out more about our addiction seminar and services in Kampala's slums, or if you would like to support this project in any way, please get in touch. Thank you.