Spotlight on the Encouraging Education Project - We Need Your Support

On our recent trip to Uganda we had the opportunity to visit two of the Encouraging Education projects in Kampala, as we approached the classrooms we were greeted by huge smiles and frantic waves as the children were excited to see their visitors and we were excited to see them. Up to 70 children would attend the Encouraging Education project each day and the atmosphere was electric, it was amazing to see children who would otherwise have no access to education having the opportunity to learn everyday . The children were very enthusiastic about learning and it was great to hear their voices echoing throughout the classroom as they worked through various tasks.

One of the best moments from our trip was witnessing all the children going completely silent at story time, they loved to hear the story read by their teacher and waited for each page to turn so they could hear more. For a child who has very little having the opportunity to learn is a great privilege, by attending the Encouraging Education project a child knows that 5 days a week they are completely safe and looked after. Below is a picture of one of our Ugandan volunteers at story time reading a book donated to Kids Club Kampala by author Steven Bryant.


Why is the Encouraging Education Project Important?

Our Encouraging Education project allows children who would otherwise have no access to education to have the opportunity to learn through taking part in informal educational classes. These classes are taught by Ugandan teachers and are often supported by volunteers, these classes run weekly from Monday to Friday throughout the year in different slum communities across Kampala. This not only helps children to gain a good education but also gives children a safe place to go every day, away from the dangers of slum life. After class, each child gets a hot, nutritional meal which may be the only meal they get that day. The Encouraging Education project is so important as many children we work with do not have the opportunity to go to school due to high school fees, as a result children miss out on getting an education. When children do not have the opportunity to go to school they have nowhere to go during the day and they can get caught up in gangs, child labour, petty crimes or worse. 

We are passionate about ensuring that every child is educated and that’s why the Encouraging Education project is so important as it gives children who cannot afford to go to school the opportunity to be educated. Together, we can empower the most vulnerable young people in Uganda to build a successful future for themselves through a quality education, even if formal schooling is not an option for them.


Fundraising Focus

This month we’re shining the spotlight on the Encouraging Education project with the aim to provide school materials such as school books, pens and pencils for children who attend this project, buying these essentials are simply unattainable for some of the poorest children in Uganda. Our fundraising target is £500 to ensure that all the Encouraging Education projects are fully equipped and all the children we serve have the opportunity to learn and are given the resources to do so. If you would like to donate even a small amount to help us towards our target please click here.