Poverty through the eyes of a teenager.

Poverty impacts the lives of millions of teenagers all over the world. Being a teenager is tough no matter where you live but growing up in poverty makes things even more difficult. Kids Club Kampala’s Teen’s Project provides a safe space for young people to express themselves, speak about difficult issues and receive support and guidance. We provide counselling both one on one and in group sessions and our wonderful team of counsellors guide these young people through the incredible difficulties they face in everyday life. All of the teenagers we work with are growing up in poverty, many do not have an education and are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.  Poverty tears families apart and forces teenagers into child labour but we want to guide these young people towards a hope for their future. 

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A teenager whose life has been affected by poverty, child labour and family separation writes of her feelings towards poverty in this moving poem-

Poverty! Poverty!
East, west you conquered
Everywhere poverty
I wish to know your father,
But nobody knows

Young ones, you torture them
The old, you don’t fear
How dare you enter people’s houses
Houses without knocking!

You are really a bad man
Poverty, you are merciless
You are bitter and sour
I wish you to die
I will bury you deep

I will get peace
I now have a new style
To fight poverty
A dangerous man
Let’s keep poultry and grow crops
I will start a business and shall get money
And I will say bye bye to poverty. 

This girl is now looking to her future with hope thanks to Kids Club Kampala’s support. She is at school and is being reunited with her family through our Ewafe project. If you would like to help more young people overcome poverty please help us by donating regularly. Click here to sign up.