Our Ewafe Children Need Your Help!

Kids Club Kampala has been providing emergency care for abandoned children left in Kampala's slums for 3 years now. Many of you have journeyed with us since we bought land, built our home and welcomed the first children through it's doors. Those of you who have donated to this project are the ones who have made it possible for these children to have a safe place to stay. As you may know we believe that children ultimately belong in families and we are working hard to reunite children with their families or provide them with loving foster care.

However, we need more funding to be able bring these children home. We need to hire more social workers, take trips into far off villages to search for families, recruit and train foster families and provide ongoing support. Without your help these children may not have the chance to be part of a family again.

Could you support our Ewafe project monthly? Just £20 per month could support a family visit, £50 per month could provide an emergency care package for an abandoned child and £150 per month could help us to hire a social worker.

Help us to bring these children home! https://www.give.net/kidsclubkampala/regular