Nurse Uganda - my volunteer experience with KCK

Last week, a team of student nurses from Nurse Uganda spent the week volunteering with us in Kampala and running vital health promotion sessions for children in numerous communities that we are working in. One of the team of nurses, Hannah, has written this blog post, and explains about her first impressions of volunteering with KCK…

“This is our second day in Kampala, working with the Kids Club Kampala team that work towards improving the lives of vulnerable children. Today we visited two slums, Kasangati and Kivulu delivering presentations on hand washing, Malaria, wound care and road and home safety. We also did a lot of singing and activities! Although we met very welcoming, loving, joyful and smiley children, visiting these slums has made us realise the tough reality these children live in.

Running vital health promotion sessions with children in Kampala's slum communities

Running vital health promotion sessions with children in Kampala's slum communities

We’ve seen six year olds looking after their baby brothers carrying them on their backs all day, very young children walking miles carrying tanks of water, children walking barefoot or with broken shoes, the joy on children’s faces when given just one sweet or a bar of soap and have experienced many more overwhelming and shockingly poor conditions.

We have also had unexpected answers in regards to home safety given by children during our presentation, emphasising how vulnerable and defenceless these children are. These experiences have been difficult and have made me realise how important the little things are and just how much we take for granted. They have also made me feel increasingly more compassionate about helping vulnerable children and have motivated me to learn a bit of Lugandan to overcome cultural barriers. Hopefully, we are making a bit of difference to their lives! We have had an amazing two days and are looking forward to the rest of the week :) ”

If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda with any of our projects, please get in touch. For more information about Nurse Uganda, please visit their website, and if you would like to support our health projects in any way, please do contact us