New Kids Club Centre Opens!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new weekly Kids Club in Kanyanya last week. This brings our total number of Kids Club Kampala centres up to 18, meaning that we are bringing hope and love to even more vulnerable children in Kampala. On the opening week over 150 children attended the first club and had a great day playing, enjoying food and having the chance to play. Our Vision is to care for the needs of vulnerable children, to give them a bright future and enable them to realize their God-given potential.Ultimately, we want to see lives transformed, children and communities empowered and poverty reduced throughout the communities we work in. One of our main aims is to allow disadvantaged children the chance to just enjoy being children, to play and have fun away from the stresses and worries of their everyday lives. We do this through playing sports and games, singing songs and sharing a message of hope through Bible stories to empower the children and let them know they are loved. We also have a value for being community led and community driven, meaning that we like to allow ideas to grow from the communities themselves and for KCK to partner with communities themselves in their dreams for their future. 

The Kanyaya area is where our Kampala offices and headquarters are based and we became aware that there was a need here. The local community representatives asked us to come alongside the community and help out so we decided to work with them to open a new KCK centre. Weekly Saturday Kids Clubs will now be run by local volunteers to give children a chance to have fun, sing songs, play games and learn about God in a safe environment. Please pray for the future and growth of this community and for all the children who are beginning to attend. As this centre develops we will grow with the community and listen to their needs and their dreams for the future. Please also pray for the continual financial provision for this new centre. If you would like to donate or set up a regular gift for this new KCK centre please click here.