New Horizons for Carpentry Graduates!

We recently caught up with three of our most recent Carpentry Project graduates to find out how the course has impacted their lives.The Kids Club Kampala Carpentry project began in 2015 in Katanga slum. Since then the course has trained two intakes of students and a third cohort are currently in training. The students are taught every day for the year long programme by a skilled carpenter.


Amazingly, all three of the graduates we caught up with have found work at a local carpentry workshop. They began work shortly after graduating and have been working there now for a number of months. Two of them have also decided to pursue more education and have saved up their earnings to support themselves through their studies.

These young guys all dropped out of school at a young age because they could not afford to pay for school fees. They have never been given opportunities in life and were stuck in a cycle of poverty because of this. Providing each of these boys with a space on our carpentry training course was just one small opportunity we could give them but with this under their belts they have gone on to create for themselves new opportunities and brighter futures. Community Transformation starts with listening to people, giving them a chance and watching them create their own bright futures. We are so proud of how these graduates have excelled. They have taken what was in their hands and multiplied it.