My Volunteer Experience with KCK

This week's blog post is written by Sharon, who has been doing a fantastic job volunteering in Uganda with Kids Club Kampala for the last few months.

"Hi, my name is Sharon and I have come over from the UK to Uganda to volunteer with Kids Club Kampala. As I write this I am coming to the end of my three month trip here. It has been an amazing experience to be here, and sure there have been some low moments and times when I was unsure about things. I have certainly stepped out of my comfort zone in coming here, but I believe God gave me this opportunity to come and with His help I have overcome the doubts and embraced the opportunities and experiences that have arisen during my time here.

During my time here I have been based at two of Kids Club Kampala's Encouraging Education projects, working with the children and doing different art and craft activities with them. This has enabled them to learn different Bible stories as well as use some of their art to decorate their classrooms which is great. I have loved seeing the children get so excited when I arrive each day and become really engaged with the different activities that I have prepared.

There have been many great moments but one of my personal highlights happened just this past week, it was when one of the children had written me a letter to say thank you for all I have done here and how grateful she was for everything. It was beautiful and really meant a lot to me as I read it. This letter reminded me that even when you do something small to help others it can mean so much to them.

This has been my fifth visit to Uganda in recent years and I’m sure it won’t be my last. During this trip lots of photos have been taken, and some great memories have been made that I will remember for years to come. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity. I will miss everyone here a lot, they’re all doing such a good job. In the meantime I plan to do what I can to continue supporting the great work Kids Club Kampala is doing here."

To find out more about Kids Club Kampala's volunteer opportunities, please click here. If you would, like Sharon, like to come to Uganda to volunteer with Kids Club Kampala, we would love to hear from you.