My Sponsor Child visit

Jonny recently came to visit his KCK sponsor child in Uganda. In our latest blog post he tells us about his experience:

"So here I am in Uganda for the second time. My first visit was back in 2011 when I had my first introduction to the work of Kids Club Kampala. In 2011 the KCK offices were in a small building attached to a Ugandan friends home. Along with the KCK office there was another room in which Pius and his mother Lydia lived. Lydia is a single mother who was studying at the time but was considering giving up her studies so she could spend more time working to be able to support Pius' education. He had recently dropped out of school as they were unable to afford his school fees. When I first learned of their situation I wanted to help take the pressure off Lydia so she could continue her studies to pursue her own dreams as well as  supporting her child. The Education and School Sponsorship Programme at KCK costs £25 a month and this money covers all of the child's school needs, school fees, school supplies, uniform and any other needs the child may have. So, almost three years has gone past since we met. This time in Uganda the opportunity to visit Pius and Lydia came about. Back in the UK I had been receiving updates from Pius and was encouraged to hear how well he was getting on at school. We drove about an hours drive from where we are staying and pulled up outside his school. The head teacher came out to welcome us and we went into her office where Lydia was sitting. She looked healthy and well and I was pleased to hear that the money I had been donating had allowed her to continue her studies and support Pius through school. She now has a job and is chasing a certain career path that she would like to work in long term. Lydia and Pius have also moved out of their friends house and can now afford to rent a place of their own.


Pius suddenly appeared and came into the office and it was incredible to see how much he had grown and how much his personality had developed since I met him last. The head teacher asked him to sing us the schools anthem and explain how he was doing in school. We shared stories and got a chance to visit Pius' class and meet his fellow students.

We were allowed to take Pius and Lydia out to the shop to get them some groceries to give them an extra bit of support. When we arrived at the supermarket Lydia was quite overwhelmed and said it was the first time she had ever been to a supermarket. I felt honoured to be able to bless someone like this and to be able to buy her whatever she wanted. She chose items like salt, sugar, honey, oil, rice, spaghetti (Pius's favourite food). I was able to get large quantities of each so they could last a long time. Lydia was extremely grateful and once again I felt so privileged to be able to provide for someones immediate needs in such a personal way.   For £25 a month so much can happen that can drastically change a whole families' situation. It was quite surprising to consider the practical outcome of giving such an amount per month. Last time we met, Pius explained that he wanted to become a pilot and was asking me what it was like to fly in a plane. This time round he now tells me he wants to become a medical surgeon, I was told he met a surgeon recently and this possibly inspired the sudden change in his career aims. I mentioned I was a carpenter thinking maybe he might like to do that but his reply was to shake his hands and say "you could loose your fingers!”.   So with his career path set for now I was happy to see how far he had come and sad to be leaving. So much has happened in the last three years, I look forward to seeing Pius and Lydia more often on future trips to Uganda.

As for The Education and School Sponsorship Programme I could not encourage you enough, if you can afford it and can commit long term to something like this, to contact KCK at, request to sponsor a child and see a life transformed."