My Journey to Kids Club Kampala

Karen recently joined Kids Club Kampala as our Fundraising and Events Officer, she tells us about how she came to work for Kids Club Kampala and how she supports the important work that we do !

A couple of years ago I found myself reflecting more and more on what it means to ‘love your neighbour’. I began to feel a little uncomfortable as my core was challenged by the kind of love Jesus so freely displayed. It’s the kind of love that is illogical to our world and our culture. One that’s immeasurable, undeserving and unconditional.

It was these very reflections that invaded my mind, disrupted my comfort and nudged me to think about who my neighbours were; friends who I love dearly but had stopped praying for them to know Jesus, colleagues at work who didn’t even know I was a christian, the gentleman on the other side of the park who walks his dog at the same time every morning and I never say hello to him. How was I a kingdom bringer? a disciple of Jesus? a person who’s love flowed out of union from a relationship with my maker?

Perhaps what was most unexpected, was that these nudges not only challenged me in my everyday walk but prompted what some would say a radical decision to step completely out of my comfort zone and hop on a plane alone to Uganda!

Just over a year later, I found myself enjoying a meal with Olivia Barker-White, one of the founders of Kids Club Kampala. I began telling her all about my passion for this country and the children that I had witnessed living in extreme poverty. By this time I had visited the country a few times and had been hugely impacted by the need and felt keen to do something about it.


What is my role with KCK?

With faith as my motivator, I realised that I wanted to commit to the challenge of serving a charity that bridges the divide for some of the most needy children in the slums of Kampala. My passion led me down the path to becoming a fundraising ambassador for KCK who are currently based in Birmingham.

KCK exudes the love of Christ through their mission and their actions. With an ever growing and dedicated team, they are not only witnesses to living a life transformed by God in their everyday but they are passionate about what it looks like for others to know who they are in Christ, offering hope for a brighter future.

Whether it’s play and education, Kids clubs and hot dinners or supporting women and their families, Kids Club Kampala are led by the need of local communities. KCK encourage creativity, provide skills training and workshops and run income generation projects so that people can be active agents in thinking about solutions to their own poverty.

My role seeks to raise awareness of the amazing work that this organisation is committed to. I’m involved in organising events, raising funds, speaking at various locations and sharing a message of hope so that together we can bring about sustainable change. I get to network with other people in my local community, build new relationships with other organisations and also pray that the heartbeat of God’s love will reach the children, women and families that need it most.

Why should I be involved?

We are all aware that fighting for justice is not easy but I personally believe that justice is available and it’s possible when the spirit of the Lord is upon us! Being a christian and carrying this treasure of good news is not about lifting our hands in worship and supporting the broken when we feel like it, it’s realising that we are all broken, we all walk with a limp and yet we will lift our hands and keep fighting anyway.

However you choose to commit and be involved in KCK, you can rest in the knowledge that your work is making a lasting difference to children in Uganda. Being a fundraising ambassador means you are sowing seeds that will bring transformation where it is most needed. You’ll be a part an awesome team and community and your help with facilitate some of the essential projects that KCK run!

Some closing thoughts!

Can I encourage you to think and pray about what it might mean to love your neighbour? For me personally, it is one of the greatest gifts in life to get to display radical love to others - whether it’s to the family next door, the friend across the road or even your distant neighbours across the ocean.

And finally, can I encourage you to think about whether your generosity, giving and heart for social action might be something you could offer in support of Kids Club Kampala? Maybe as you’ve read this, there’s a stirring in your heart to want to do more for children in Uganda. Please get in touch if there is! We would love to continue to build a team and community of radical givers and your gifts and skill set could be exactly what KCK needs.


If you are encouraged by this blog and would like to support Kids Club Kampala please get in touch with us today on [email protected]