"My Interning Experience"

This week’s blog is written by Alice Walker, a recent intern with Kids Club Kampala from the University of Sheffield. Here she blogs about her time at our UK office:

"This summer I had the exciting opportunity to volunteer with Kids Club Kampala for a number of weeks in their Birmingham office and it was an unforgettable experience. Having previously worked for a child focused NGO in an African country (Malawi), I was keen to see how the situation in another African country compared by working for a charity which helps some of Uganda's most vulnerable children.  

From the very first day in the office, everyone welcomed me to the team and I felt very much at home. I was always greeted with a friendly face and there was a real sense of community in the office; the work space area is shared with Urban Devotion Birmingham, another more locally focused charity and every Wednesday everyone would have breakfast together. There was always someone you could find to have an engaging and stimulating conversation with. 

Kids Club Kampala in the UK is run by Corrie and Olivia, the UK Directors. Being an intern at a small charity, gave me the opportunity to work on a multitude of tasks.  I researched Kids Club Kampala's social media, newsletter and website analytics, I also conducted some fundraising research concerning current fundraising strategies deployed by Kids Club Kampala and charities in general through the administration of an online survey. I also contributed to the charities weekly blog, but arguably one of the biggest highlights was being given the opportunity to attend the UK Small Charity Week and Fundraising Conference in London. Engaging talks on various paradigms of fundraising were given and I was able to network with fellow charity and international development workers. I was also given another opportunity to get out of the office by assisting with the promotion of the upcoming Kids Club Kampala Winter Ball that will be hosted in Birmingham in November. I felt very actively involved which one does not always get when interning. 

What instantly impressed me was, despite the small scale nature of the charity (there are only two staff members in the UK), they had managed to achieve so much and have impacted the lives of many in the slums of Kampala in Uganda. I also admired the hands-on approach of the NGO. Corrie and Olivia visit Uganda regularly, but unlike other NGOs, which often come under fire for hiring expats within the country and imposing ideas on a community with little concern for local needs, Kids Club Kampala actively engages with their beneficiaries. They use local workers thus offering employment to the local community; an arguably more sustainable form of development. 

There are several reasons to intern with Kids Club Kampala in the UK, but the biggest one I will take away, is just how friendly and approachable both Corrie and Olivia, the UK Directors are and just how dedicated they are to their jobs; very inspirational!" 

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