More than just an education


We are fortunate to have 45 amazing Sponsor Children who are being sponsored to go to school by fantastic Child Sponsors across the world. Our School Sponsorship Programme not only provides school fees and materials to the most vulnerable children but also supports them emotionally. Many of the children on our School Sponsorship Programme have experienced real difficulties and personal trauma in their lives, whether it be the death or illness of a loved one or the lack of a stable place to grow up in. We believe that children need all the support and love they can get as they grow up in this tough world. And this is why we hold special get togethers for all of our Sponsor Children in order to provide the support that they need.  

Last week we hosted one such event at our Kampala offices. All the Sponsor Children who attended received counseling, support and advice from our trained social workers. The day was also a great chance for the children to meet each other again and swap stories about how their schoolwork and lives are going and to support each other. The children also received special gifts and had a chance to have fun and play games. We love days such as these as we believe that each individual child is unique and needs support in different ways. We would like to say a huge thank you to our social worker and Child Sponsorship co-coordinator Joan, along with other KCK Uganda staff and volunteers who helped to organise this event.  

A huge thank you also goes to all our Child Sponsors in the UK, USA, Ireland, Uganda and across the world who financially support these children to receive an education and have a bright future. It costs just £25 a month to give a child in Uganda the opportunity to go to school, which can make an unimaginable difference to that child’s life. If you would like to help make a difference in a child’s life through giving them the gift of an education, then we would love you to become a Child Sponsor with us. Please contact us if you would like more information.