Looking Back Over 2013

What an incredible year 2013 has been for us at Kids Club Kampala! We are overwhelmed by all the support we have received this year and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has played a part in supporting KCK and allowing us to grow this year. Since the beginning of 2013 our income has more than doubled! This has enabled us to expand our work and to help so many more children and communities in Uganda this year.

This year we launched our Encouraging Education programme which enables children who would otherwise have no access to education the chance to learn in a safe environment. We also launched our microfinance programme, providing savings schemes, small loans and business training to our women’s groups and community members. We also undertook our first ever Water and Sanitation project, bringing clean water to a whole community of 2500 people! We have also been able to support more children to go to school this year with the number of Sponsor Children increasing from 16 to 37! We cannot thank our new Child Sponsors enough for this support.

This summer we were blessed to have 3 teams of International Volunteers travel to Uganda to meet the children and help support our projects. Thanks to these teams of volunteers, we held several training days for our Ugandan volunteers, a party for all of our Sponsor Children, counseling and support sessions for our Vulnerable Girls and a week-long children’s camp for over 500 children! These volunteers were not only a great help practically, they also provided encouragement, friendship and prayer. We really want to thank them so much for giving up their time, energy and finances to come and serve the children of Kampala.

One of our biggest achievements this year has been the launch and growth of the Ewafe project. In May, we sadly discovered that two of our children had been abandoned in a Kampala slum. This broke our hearts and we didn’t know if we could do anything to help them, but after a lot of thought and prayers, we decided to launch the Ewafe project in order to help them. In just one month we raised enough money to buy two acres of land, and soon after began building an emergency shelter for abandoned children which is now almost completed. We now have five abandoned children being fostered who now have a family. This would not have been possible without our fantastic team of fundraisers and volunteers who have got behind this project. Thank you to everyone who has donated specifically towards this project, organized fundraising events and helped to spread the word.

For us personally 2013 has also been a great year. Corrie got married to Jonny Fraser in April and the wedding day was a great celebration. In March, Olivia started working full time for KCK thanks to Vodafone World of Difference Awards, and in December we were both honoured to win the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Global Champion Award!

It really is so amazing to look back over the past year and see how much we have grown and in how many areas we have developed. We would also like to thank all our Ugandan volunteers and in particular, Sam Wambayo, KCK’s Ugandan Director and our very good friend, for all his hard work, support and passion to serve these children. Please read on for a full review of all our projects and other developments over 2013. If you would like any more information about the work of Kids Club Kampala, please do get in touch, as we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your support and Best Wishes for the coming year.

Corrie Fraser & Olivia Barker

UK Directors, Kids Club Kampala