Letters from Kampala

This blog post is written by our Intern Isobel.

Education, we believe, is a basic human right that is essential in breaking the cycle of poverty. Our Encouraging Education project enables children to learn through informal education classes, when they can no longer access education. These classes mean children wont miss out on learning vital skills for the future.

            Recently, I’ve been reading some of the lovely letters written by the children in Uganda, talking about what their life is like and how Kids Club Kampala impacts them. Some of the letters describe daily life and some of the things the children enjoy doing. However, they really begin to paint a descriptive picture of what life is really like for these children and how Kids Club Kampala really does bring hope and love to these vulnerable children…


‘I was staying with both my parents when I was younger. However, when my Mother and Father separated, this caused problems at home. I was four years old, and my two sisters were only six and eight. My Father didn’t abandon us because my sisters and I were still studying. However, my sister had to come back from school and cook supper and I started doing the housework.

With God’s mercy, I have grown to 10 years old, however school fees have started to become a problem. Sometimes I go to school but sometimes I can’t afford to go. I go to Kids Club for Education support, until my Father gets enough money to send me back to school. I spend my free time at Kids Club Kampala. I find it fun, especially playing sports on the field.’



‘I am 14 years old and I am Ugandan by nationality. I am in Primary six, but due to lack of school funding my parents failed to send me back to school. I am happy that I am able to get education support from Kids Club Kampala. Some of the programmes we get from them are: education support, games and sport. Most of my free time I spend in Kids Club. My hobbies include: sports, football, bible study and netball. In Uganda I stay in Kampala, one of the slum areas. People have many houses that are over crowded and there is pollution from industries.’


‘I am 11 years old. I am in Primary five, moving into Primary six. I like to sing, play and dance. I have three sisters and one brother. I live with both my parents. The main problem we are facing is school fees and school requirements.

            In Uganda, even when it’s sunny we face the problem of famine. At school, we have four lessons a day. In my free days, I go to Kids Club Kampala where I have new friends. I thank Kids Club Kampala for the support it has provided for us, like the children who don’t have enough support to go to school.’


‘I go to Kids Club as my school. My parents failed to pay for my school fees but Kids Club came to me to give me hope and love. Through Kids Club I can read and write and I am healthy because food is given to us. Kids Club have offered services freely and this has changed my society.’


‘I go to Kids Club as my school. Here through it’s programmes I am happy and we are loved so much by the teachers and all Kids Club leaders. Through Kids Club support, I am a happy girl because I am able to read and write. My health is also good because we are given a balanced diet.’


A few to make you smile…


I am five years old. I like playing football. I go to Kids Club Kampala and I enjoy football and music. I live in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. I like learning English at Kids Club. Our meals are very nice.’


'I very much like football. I am Ugandan and I speak Luganda and English. I am six years old. In my class there are 25 children. My favourite subject is math. When I grow up I want to be a doctor.’


'I live in Kampala. My family is huge: I have three brothers and three sisters. I have no pets because I have no space to keep them, but I very much like cats. In school, I like English, Maths, and Science and also I like swimming but at my school we don’t have swimming lessons. I wish to explore London one day.’


'I live in Kampala. I have black hair. My favourite sports are dodge-ball and rope skipping. The weather here in Uganda is sunny. I like singing and I speak three languages. I like food in Uganda and my favourite food is rice and chicken. I like interacting with friends.’

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