Keeping Children Safe: The Ewafe Project

Kids Club Kampala is bringing hope and love to vulnerable children in the slum communities of Kampala, Uganda. Whilst working with these communities for over 10 years, our local staff and volunteers discovered that many children were coming and telling us that they had nowhere to go, had become abandoned or had run away from abusive situations. To respond to this problem, we started the Ewafe Project in summer 2013. 

Ewafe means ‘Where we belong.’ Kids Club Kampala aims to ensure that children who have been abandoned are well cared for and have a safe place to go, and ultimately end up within a loving family.

What does the Ewafe project do?

It prevents: Our staff and volunteers work within communities to respond to needs, to help prevent family break-up, and to reduce poverty. Whether that be through supporting a mother to gain a sustainable income, supporting a child’s education or preventing a family from becoming homeless.

It rescues: The Ewafe project Home provides an emergency place for a child to stay when they have become abandoned. Children receive shelter, clothing, medical care, food and support.

It rehabilitates: We provide counselling, support and guidance to children who have gone through the trauma of separation from their family or who have encountered abuse.  

It reintegrates: All children have the right to grow up in a loving family. Our social workers trace children’s family members and works towards family reunification. We aim to place children back within a safe and loving home wherever this is possible. If this is not possible, we look for foster families to provide a loving family for that child.

It supports: The Ewafe project continues to support the child and their family towards a successful future. Whether that be through sponsoring their education or providing food and clothing.

Over the past year the Ewafe project has successfully reintegrated 8 children back with their families and has helped to prevent family separation and breakdown for many more. And just this week we successfully reunited another abandoned child back with her family! We love to see children going back home to loving families and our aim is to successfully trace, reunite and support more children and their families.

However, it is not always an easy process. Finding out where relatives are living is not always straightforward, and travelling to search for families can be costly. We need your help. Could you donate, fundraise or volunteer you time with us? Together we can help more abandoned children to grow up in a loving family.