KCK Teens Conference 2015

Being a teenager is tough no matter where you live. However, navigating the teenage years whilst growing up in the slums of Kampala is particularly challenging. Over the past 5 years KCK has been working with groups of young men and ladies from the slums through our football, music and dance and vulnerable girls projects. We have also been running counselling sessions for these teenagers and our Vulnerable Girls groups. Trained counsellors and social workers have been talking to the young people about health and sex education, behaviour, their future careers, and providing much needed emotional support, advice and practical help. In October these groups of young people produced our first KCK children’s magazine in November. ‘Rising Star’ features creative writing, poetry and encouraging messages from the children, along with advice and helpful articles from our counsellors.

However, we are always looking for ways to support these teenagers even more. That is why this year we are launching a special Teen’s Conference exclusively for teenagers from the communities we work with. This conference will be run by our trained counsellors and social workers and will provide counseling, guidance, education about making good decisions in life and of course fun activities. We hope to run this conference every year and to expand its reach.

This year we will be welcoming 200 teenagers to the one day conference. We are still fundraising for this exciting event; and if you would like to donate specifically to this project please click here.