It's Nearly Christmas!

So its the first week in December and I am noticing that facebook and twitter are jam packed with people posting pictures of their Christmas trees and decorated homes, how exciting. I love Christmas time despite the cold weather, but the consumerism that goes along with it also makes me feel uneasy. Don’t get me wrong giving gifts to the ones you love is really important and fun too, however I feel we can get carried away with our own Christmas celebrations and not think of those who are not experiencing such a Merry Christmas.  

2007 was the first year that I spent Christmas away from home. Christmas eve was spent sleeping on the floor and on Christmas morning we awoke to the sweltering heat that is Uganda’s hot, dry season. We had no Christmas tree, no Christmas Crackers or pud but that Christmas was possibly my favorite one to date. We attended church on the edge of on of the biggest slums, Katanga and whilst we sang and thought about the secret santa presents we had waiting at home, I knew that the  day would go by unchanged for the kids in the slums.

Since 2009 Kids Club Kampala has been throwing Christmas parties for the children in the slums of Kampala, allowing them to celebrate Christmas and have a good time. At the parties, the kids get to experience for one day what children here in the West might experience; Christmas cake, presents, Santa, bouncy castles and a big Christmas meal. We believe that it is so important for children to have the chance to have fun and create lasting positive memories of their childhoods in this way. We also believe that it is important to celebrate the birth of Jesus and explain to these kids why He came.

This year we are still fundraising to provide Christmas celebrations for all the children we work with. Could you help change a child’s Christmas today? Please donate here  and help us to reach our target.