Interning with Kids Club Kampala Summer - Yuan Wang

This week’s blog is written by Yuan Wang, a intern for Kids Club Kampala from the University of Sheffield Yuan blogs about her experience interning with Kids Club Kampala. 

This Summer I had the opportunity to do an internship with Kids Club Kampala at the head office in Birmingham. The internship was mainly desk-based as I had previous experience conducting research about the importance of girls’ education in Tanzania. I was excited to work for a charity that is devoted to helping vulnerable children as well as learning more about empowering women via education. Before I started my internship I met Olivia at the University of Sheffield where she was hosting a training day for volunteers who were heading to Uganda.

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During my time at Kids Club Kampala I was working with Corrie and Nicole, we shared an office with another charity called Urban Devotion who worked with young people in the community. The atmosphere in the office was great and everyone was so kind and welcoming. On my first day Corrie gave me an induction and I had the opportunity to learn about all the projects in Uganda, this was really inspirational and I wanted to do all I could to make a difference while I was there. In my time at Kids Club Kampala I had the opportunity to work on several different tasks such as marketing, project development, database organising and daily office tasks such as processing Etsy sales and taking pictures for social media. I researched organisations, universities, charity challenge events and craft markets for selling products made by women in Uganda. I also worked on photography and poster making for social media, making profiles for sponsored children in Uganda, and writing blogs for the Kids Club Kampala website.

The most heart-warming task I did was scanning thanks letters from sponsored children and sending them to their sponsors across the world. When I read all the thankful words and colorful pictures drew by the children, I saw how meaningful the Kids Club Kampala project is and the positive difference the sponsors make to vulnerable children in Uganda. Reading the letters really inspired me to get more involved in helping vulnerable children to get an education as children truly value the opportunity to learn. All the projects at Kids Club Kampala are so important and I’m glad that I was able to help out in some way. I now feel that I can make a difference to others even just a little bit. At the last day of my internship we had a team lunch together in a café and Corrie and Nicole brought me a lovely gift and a thanks card for my help it was a lovely surprise. It was my pleasure to work with people in Kids Club Kampala and help children in Uganda thank you for everything. 

Meet our intern Yuan :)

Meet our intern Yuan :)

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