International Women's Day 2015

On the 8th March 2015 International Women's Day was celebrated all around the world. The purpose of this day is to uphold the rights of Women across the globe. In the communities we work in in Uganda women often find the odds stacked against them. Many women lack education, are single mothers and have little access to opportunities that might give them a sustainable income for their families. At Kids Club Kampala we love to celebrate women. From our Women's Initiatives to our Community Development Projects and Adult Literacy Classes we support these women to learn new skills, gain an income and increase their opportunities in life. In addition to running projects that support women Kids Club Kampala also throws a huge International Women's Day Celebration every year. 2015 was no exception and the celebration was bigger and better than ever.

The women gathered at Makerere University in Kampala and attended sessions on business skills, HIV/AIDS, Cancer awareness, Family Life and Self-Esteem. These sessions were all run by Women leaders from within Kampala. The day also included performances from the Kids Club Kampala Children's Choir and a hot meal for all the women.

Everyone had a great day celebrating being Women and the ladies themselves said that they felt very honoured and supported by Kids Club Kampala. Shadiah, a KCK women's group member tells us her story about how she enjoyed the day:


“First and foremost let me begin by thanking Kids Club Kampala for organising such a colourful event that I personally enjoyed and benefitted from as an individual. For starters, I was impressed with presentations on health concerning cancer awareness and testing of HIV/AIDS. I learned why it’s important to carry on regular checks, something I took for granted and now it’s my obligation to see to it that I visit the doctor regularly for me to know my health status.  Had I not been part of the Kids Club Kampala family, I would not have gotten the opportunity to learn about this disease. I learned how to carry out a business even with little resources, something that inspired me and I am now saving some money to begin straight way! Furthermore, I heard words of encouragement from different speakers, especially from one speaker who talked about self-esteem where I learned that it was not good to belittle myself if I am to be counted as women of substance. In this I learned that I can do any work put forth for me to survive and not to depend on people for survival. Above all, I ate nice food to the fullest as I enjoyed the day and I once again thank Kids Club Kampala for giving me such an opportunity. We even got a tour of the university, a place I had just heard people talk about. My humble prayer is for the organisation to prosper to greater levels to continue supporting vulnerable communities. I salute you."

Every year we want to continue to support these women not only through our International Women's Day celebrations but also through our Women's Initiatives and Community Development Projects. If you would like to specifically support projects that support women in Uganda please contact us.