Hope For Tomorrow

James Hall is one of our Trustee's here at Kids Club Kampala UK and has been with us from the very beginning. Tomorrow he moves to Kenya to work as a teacher. Outside of term time he will spend some time working with KCK in Uganda. We are very excited to send him off on this new adventure and wish him all the best for the years to come. 

Proverbs 24:Know that wisdom is like honey for you: If you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.

Tomorrow things will be different. Tomorrow is always different even if it sometimes seems to be the same old drudgery or the problems of today that promise to wake you in the morning. But tomorrow will be different even if ever so slightly and I think that there is hope in that. This is a reality that I often have to remind myself of even if it is painstakingly dull or difficult. Sometimes this positive change or difference comes from the decisions and wise choices we make. As a Christian I believe that choosing to follow Jesus was the wisest choice I ever made and it has certainly brought an abundance of hope.

Kids Club Kampala aims to bring hope and love to vulnerable children and that means we as supporters and the volunteers in Uganda have to make wise choices about how we help, what projects to start, where to start them and when. Alongside this we aim to encourage the children to make wise choices in life so that they can make the best possible start to their future.

Tomorrow I move to Kenya. Tomorrow things will be very different. The reality of this big move has not yet fully sunk in and I suppose it will take a few weeks - maybe even months before I realise the magnitude of this decision. Moving to Kenya as a teacher will have many positive aspects not least the fact that I will be amongst people who have a hunger to learn. Another positive, besides the many aspects of my work, will be the relative ease with which I will be able to travel to Uganda in my holidays and see the work of Kids Club Kampala.

If you are anything like me – hearing all the amazing stories, reading about all of the projects and seeing the joy on the children’s faces in photos is very rewarding. However, without actually being there, it can be difficult to conceptualise what is really happening. I am excited to be going and to be in a position where I will be able to tie the various parts of the KCK story together. I am also looking forward to welcoming volunteers from all around the world as I begin to coordinate some of the short-term overseas volunteer teams. Perhaps I will see you out there in 6, 12 or even 24 months? It might just be the change you need.

If you want to keep up with James’ progress in East Africa or you are interested in joining one of our volunteer teams drop an email to info@kidsclubkampala.org