Help Us To Keep Families Together Because Family Matters.

Over 80% of the children living in orphanages in Uganda have at least one living parent or family member, who are willing to raise them. Some children are being raised away from their families because of poverty not because they are unloved or abandoned. By becoming a family champion you will be  helping to bridge the gap between parents and their children, we do not believe that poverty should be the reason why a child should be taken away from their family. Jennie came to our Ewafe Project transitional home and our social workers searched for her family. A lady from her village said she would take her to Kampala to start school, but when she arrived she found out that the lady wanted her to work as a maid instead. Jennie ran away and found herself lost and alone in Kampala. Jennie came to our Ewafe Project transitional home and our social workers searched for her family. After just six weeks Jennie was back living with her grandmother in the village who was delighted that she was safe. 


At Kids Club Kampala we believe children grow best in families and so we want to support families to love and grow together and to prevent children being separated from their families. We have discovered that many children had nowhere to go, had become abandoned or had run away from abusive situations. That’s why the Ewafe Transition Centre is so important as it supports children who have been abandoned or orphaned in the slums of Kampala by providing them a safe place to live while our committed staff members look for their families, the long term aim of this project is to reunite abandoned children within loving families. This year our Ewafe project hopes to reintegrate more children back with their families and by becoming a family champion you can help us to do this. This means that families that were once separated due to poverty and desperation will be reunited and supported towards a brighter future. We would love for you to partner with us and become a family champion in order to help to build strong families and create a safe and happy place for children to grow up.


What is a Family Champion?

A Family Champion is someone who decides to make a stand for families in Uganda by signing up to give £10 per month to help strengthen families. This support will make a huge difference to the lives of many children and families in Uganda. We currently have 4 people who have signed up to become a family champion but we need 16 more family champions to give £10 per month, could you be one of them?

Three ways that you can give:

1) Save a £1 for 10 days each month and you will have enough to become a family champion.

2) Give £10 as a family and as a family you can help to reunite another family.

3)You can become a family champion and give as a church or youth group.

We are working hard to keep families together and children out of orphanages as we believe that children belong in loving safe families. Your support will mean that we can bring more families together and we hope that you can partner with us to do this. If you would like to know more information about becoming a family champion contact us today. 

Become a Family Champion Today.