Help us to Change a Child’s Story Through the Gift of Education !

This month we’re shining the spotlight on our amazing child sponsors, thanks to their generosity Kids Club Kampala is supporting over 160 children through our School Sponsorship Programme in Uganda. That’s over 160 children who had no way of receiving an education, now being given the opportunity to have a brighter future thanks to the generosity of our child sponsors.

Education is extremely important in Uganda however many children are likely to drop out of school, or not start school at all due to extreme poverty. When children do not have the opportunity to go to school they have nowhere to go during the day, as a result they can get caught up in gangs, child labour, prostitution, petty crimes or worse.  The opportunity to be educated not only protects innocent children from the dangers of slum life but it helps to provide children with a brighter future. To see the difference our incredible child sponsors are making, we would like to share Jack’s story.


Jack’s* Story

Before being enrolled on Kids Club Kampala’s Sponsorship Programme, Jack’s* life was tough. Jack was growing up in a broken family living in one of Kampala’s harshest slums. He had dropped out of school with no hope of continuing because his mother could not afford to pay for his school fees. When he was 10 years old Kids Club Kampala found a sponsor for him who began paying £25 per month to send him to a good primary school.

Jack says:

‘Before I was sponsored life was so hard, I was sent home from school for not paying my school fees. But then when I was 10 I got a chance to be helped by Kids Club Kampala. I started studying and from that time I never looked back.’


It’s been 7 years since Jack first started being sponsored. He is now an articulate 17-year-old with big dreams of one day becoming a judge, Jack tells us of how things have changed since the day he found out he would be sponsored. Here is what he had to tell us:

‘I knew that because I got the chance to be sponsored I would have to study hard. Before I thought that if I played football and didn’t study then I could become a footballer and that could take me towards my future. I used to do nothing all day. Life has now changed a lot. I can now speak English very well and I can converse with anyone in English. Before I would get up in the morning, play football and hang out in the slum every day. Now I am at boarding school but when I go to stay with my Mother I help her a lot’.

Finally, Jack told us what the sponsorship programme does for children like him:

‘The school sponsorship programme really helps people to realise their potential and to know who they are. When children are sponsored they are taken to schools which help them to develop their talents. Sponsoring a child helps the child to know that they are not alone and that they are loved and recognised as a child. Some children do not think that they are recognised as a child because they are at home not studying and watching their friends go to school. It’s so good to help children to study.’

Help us to change a child’s story.

Unfortunately, there are a number of children on our waiting list to be sponsored and we would like to work with you to make a difference in their lives, please see below to read the stories of some of the children who are currently waiting to be sponsored:

Lisa* is 7, she has never been to school. Her father died and her mum works at the market but struggles to make a living. She lives with her mum in a small wooden house with a broken roof and no beds. Their home floods when it rains, and because of this she is not in good health.

Joanna* is 11 and lives with her mum, brothers and sisters. Her mum works hard but can't always pay the rent on time so they often sleep homeless. The whole family often go hungry. She hopes to go to school to create a better future for herself.

Mel* is 8 and has never been to school. Her mum is a single mum and struggles to provide for her family. The whole family struggle to have enough food to eat and clothes to wear. She hopes to be a teacher when she grows up.


We are passionate about ensuring that every child receives an education and that’s why School Sponsorship is so important, it gives children who cannot afford to go to school the opportunity to be educated. Together, we can empower the most vulnerable children in Uganda to build a successful future for themselves through a quality education. Poverty should not be the reason why children are robbed of the right to be educated and together we can put a stop to this.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to sponsor a child on our waiting list, to transform their future through the gift of education from just £25 a month. Please click here to read more about our school sponsorship programme and how you can get involved.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to all our sponsors, to those who have been sponsoring a child for many years and to those who have just partnered with us – you are making a huge difference.

*The names of the children have been changed for safeguarding purposes.